General Availability of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

Originally posted on Vignesh's SharePoint Thoughts:
Couple of months back I wrote an article on the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool when it was newly introduced , today I’m really happy to see that Microsoft has announced the General Availability of this tool . Please go through the article below to read in detail about…

SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage vs. RBS

**THIS IS A REPOST** SharePoint 2013 has introduced significant enhancements in how file content is stored and retrieved in the database. Specifically, files are now split into many parts (“Shredded”) and stored in individual rows in the content database. This is related to the Cell Storage API introduced in 2010 that support(s/ed) things like co-authoring… Continue reading SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage vs. RBS

SharePoint Url list

To help make life a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled the following table of URLs to help you easily navigate to commonly used settings pages. These work in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, and (for the most part) SharePoint 2007. Basically, add the URL from the table to the end of the site (or in some cases, the page).… Continue reading SharePoint Url list