Project Server 2013 – Can’t load WebPart / DBNull.Value to type ‘System.Guid’

Using this script in SQL you can check which record is generating the error : SELECT [PROJ_NAME] ,[MD_PROP_NAME] ,[CODE_VALUE] FROM [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_PROJ_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUES] A inner join [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_PROJECTS] B On A.[PROJ_UID]=B.PROJ_UID inner join [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_CUSTOM_FIELDS] C on C.MD_PROP_UID = A.MD_PROP_UID Where [CODE_VALUE] is null and FIELD_TYPE_ENUM = 21 and [MD_LOOKUP_TABLE_UID] is not null order by [PROJ_NAME]​


As many of you have heard, Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013… again. To be clear, they originally released the SP1 patch toward the end of February this year. They soon realized, however, that the installation of the first release created some issues which were preventing customers from installing… Continue reading HOW TO INSTALL SHAREPOINT 2013 SERVICE PACK 1

AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint 2010 + 2013

Package consisting of AutoSPInstaller (v3.x) files. The SharePoint / CodePlex community as always deserves big thanks for support, input and contributions! This release is stable for both SP2010 and SP2013 and supports the latest service packs available for each (currently SP2 for 2010 and SP1 for 2013). Also, SharePoint 2010 w/SP2 is now supported on… Continue reading AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint 2010 + 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 : Drag and drop contents to Library

To have the drag and drop feature to SharePoint Server 2013, here are the scenario or requirements of Web browsers. Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 9 with Office 2013 Installed Internet Explorer 8 with Office 2013 Installed FireFox latest version Chrome latest version Hence, for IE 8 and IE 9, it must have Office 2013 installed on the… Continue reading SharePoint Server 2013 : Drag and drop contents to Library