Project Server 2013 – Can’t load WebPart / DBNull.Value to type ‘System.Guid’

Using this script in SQL you can check which record is generating the error : SELECT [PROJ_NAME] ,[MD_PROP_NAME] ,[CODE_VALUE] FROM [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_PROJ_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUES] A inner join [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_PROJECTS] B On A.[PROJ_UID]=B.PROJ_UID inner join [ProjectWebApp].[pub].[MSP_CUSTOM_FIELDS] C on C.MD_PROP_UID = A.MD_PROP_UID Where [CODE_VALUE] is null and FIELD_TYPE_ENUM = 21 and [MD_LOOKUP_TABLE_UID] is not null order by [PROJ_NAME]‚Äč Advertisements