General Availability of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

Originally posted on Vignesh's SharePoint Thoughts:
Couple of months back I wrote an article on the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool when it was newly introduced , today I’m really happy to see that Microsoft has announced the General Availability of this tool . Please go through the article below to read in detail about…

Firefox SSO/NTLM auth to SharePoint Foundation 2013 Web app issue

I am facing isse with my FireFox SSO/NTLM auth to Sharepoint Web App. It works fine for IE and Chrome. I been tryng newest version of FF and oldones version like 47 or 46 and same result. I was configuring once in other client dev env about:config file like few years ago and it worked… Continue reading Firefox SSO/NTLM auth to SharePoint Foundation 2013 Web app issue

Configuring Firefox for Fiddler

Mozilla Firefox is unlike most Windows browsers in that it does not use the system’s proxy and certificate settings by default. That means that Firefox may require some additional configuration to work properly with Fiddler. To get Firefox running with Fiddler, you need to: Configure Firefox to proxy its traffic to Fiddler. Configure Firefox to… Continue reading Configuring Firefox for Fiddler