HTTP to HTTPS redirects on IIS 6.x and higher (HTTPS Force)

This is the most common requirement on most of the Exchange servers hosted on IIS. The server admins configure an http to https redirect.

Today I will be discussing few ways of doing this. I will keep updating this document as I find more ways to do so. I am considering OWA as a sub application under IIS for all the below examples. Here is the structuring of the Web Site:

In this case, we want the requests (HTTP ) to be redirected on HTTPS to the application called “OWA” under the Default Web Site.

For this you will have to install the URL Rewrite module. (FYI, this is available for IIS 7 and higher only.)

Download from here:

Once installed, the URL Rewrite module would be listed under IIS section. There are few articles out there on this. Here are few to list:


These articles are definitely a great repository, however I observed that they have not addressed an important factor.

As specified in the above links add the below section in the web.config at the root of the site:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <rule name="Force HTTPS" stopProcessing="true">
 <match url="(.*)" />
 <add input="{HTTPS}" pattern="^OFF$" />
 <action type="Redirect" url="https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:0}" redirectType="Permanent" />
NOTE: Ensure the rewrite rule is disabled at each of the virtual directories/applications under the Default Web Site. Due to inheritance, the rule will cause the requests to end up in infinite loop calling itself repeatedly.

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