How to sort elements of array list in C#

There are numerous sort methods in the framework including ArrayList.Sort. The problem is that they are all going to sort alphabetically and not numerically. You’ll need to write a custom sorter that understands numeric sorts.

Try the following (some argument checking left out for brevity)

public class NumericComparer : IComparer {
  public int Compare(object x, object y) {
    string left = (string)x; 
    string right = (string)y;
    int max = Math.Min(left.Length, right.Length);
    for ( int i = 0; i < max; i++ ) {
      if ( left[i] != right[i] ) { 
        return left[i] - right[i];
    return left.Length - right.Length;

list.Sort(new NumericComparer());

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