User Profile Synchronization Service will not start

Hi there

I have spent lot of time to figure out how to start UPS service last time. We all know UPS a well know problem in 99% times when we had to deal with. I had chance to setup this thing couple time in last couple months and it went nice & easy. This time with testing environment wasint that easy.

If you did all this you could do and review all other blog and your UPS service still wont get up ( start ) and stopped after ~10-20 min.


try this :

$sync_db = “SyncDB”
$ups_service_app_name = “User Profile Service Application”

net stop sptimerv4
$syncdb=Get-SPDatabase | where {$_.Name -eq $sync_db}
$ups = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.Displayname -eq $ups_service_app_name }
net start sptimerv4

  • Start the UserProfileSyncService again




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