Custom SharePoint User Profile mappings with Active Directory

Business Purpose

Followig my previous post about Synchronize User Profiles with Active Directory in SharePoint Foundation. I thought it would be useful to continue with a post about synchronization with custom SharePoint User Profile fields mappings with Active Directory.

Technical Information

Active Directory has Mobile Number and Telephone Number fields ( and many other which they are not cover with same fields in SP User Profile ) in SharePoint User List we have only Mobile Number field by default.


Supported Platforms

SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Foundation

Application Type

SharePoint Solution (WSP)



Solution to this problem will be adding an extra field in SharePoint User Profile called i.e. “LandNumber” then change it name of the filed to “Land Number” ( I am doing it just in case to avoid link adress error ).

Nauplius.SharePoint.FoundationSync code change will be need it too as I done it below :

Zrzut ekranu 2015-06-09 o 23.15.16 (WSP) has to be done and exported from Visual Studio, rest procedure it is same as with installation of the “Nauplius.SharePoint.FoundationSync” SharePoint Solution (WSP) tool.


In this case I just solve the problem of mapping and extra “Land Number” filed cover by default Active Directory filed called “telephoneNumber”.


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